Friday, May 22, 2009

Blogging 101

When I started blogging, I don’t have enough knowledge how it works. Thanks for my cousin who helped me during those times when I encountered problems with my blog. Sometimes I also browse relevant topics as well as reading web forums and I find all these very helpful. My worst experience was when I spent almost 8 hours trying to make a three-column template, but sad to say I was doing it all wrong. Thanks to a website that has helped solved the problem.

If you are new to blogging and still learning about this stuff, you can try reading posts on other blogs or you can also try searching relevant articles from other websites. The article about "How to Start Blogging" might help you as you plan to start a blog. In this article you will find great information related to blogging, blog roll, feeds, traffic and a lot more. Learn more and start blogging now. 

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Denise said...

You are very helpful.

Laureen said...

no need na ko ana kay naa man ka tig tudlo.ha!ha!

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