Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scrubs: Nurse's Guide to Good Living

Nurses are very important in the health care industry because they do not only offer care and comfort, but they also serve as role models for good health. I think it’s not easy to become a nurse. They have so many duties to attend to. They carry out orders from doctors, they monitor vital signs, read patient’s charts and reports, give medicines, keep a written record of each patient’s progress and a lot of other important tasks. My relatives who were mostly Nurse by profession find their job rewarding, exciting and most of all challenging.

To all Nurses out there here’s an interesting site made specifically for you. It’s called Scrubs, a Nurse’s Guide to Good Living. This is such a wonderful site that talks about a lot of positive things compared to other clinical sites. It features helpful suggestions and ideas to Nurses as well as shares inspiring stories. As a Christian, I find the article on "Praying with a Patient" very informative because some of the Nurses feel very awkward praying with their patients. The article will help Nurses find the role of prayer in a patient's life. This is one of the thoughts I got from the article: ""Prayer is a positive energy directed toward the Source of all Wisdom uttered on our own or another’s behalf. Those who engage in it know its benefits without having to read statistics. Unless it's done with malicious intent, it's never harmful."

You may visit their site and learn more about some helpful information about health, life, beauty and living.

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Denise said...

Great site.

Jane Dy said...

te bog , how do i follow you ? wala lge tong usual button . precious ni by the way

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