Saturday, May 16, 2009


Before the jump.... (take note, the water is really deep)

Where are they? Hey don't leave us please....

During my 2nd water rafting adventure, our guide allowed us to jump from a big rock. I am very much afraid of heights but at the back of my mind I guess it won’t be bad to try it. So I tried. I bravely went up to that big rock and was thinking about my move to jump. As I stand on that rock, I felt like I don’t want to jump anymore. Ha.ha.ha. I watched everyone happily jumped their way down and hoped I can do it too. But I was getting more and more nervous and decided to move to a lower portion of the rock so that it will not be too high when I jump. After a few minutes, I noticed that there were only two people left on that rock. It was only me and my hubby. Everyone shouted at us, Jump!, Jump! and I was shouting too “Mama! Mama! Help!” My hubby encouraged me not to be afraid and he decided to jump first so that he can help me when it’s my time to jump. Our raft is now getting farther and our guide told us to be hurry. I left no choice but to jump. Thank God I made it!

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Denise said...

That looks like fun sweetie.

My Li'l Princess Diary said...

hahaha! naka Mama Mama lagi!

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