Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Sewing Machine

Aside from blogging and cooking, one of the things that keep me busy is doing crafts. I love doing anything from simple personal things to house decorations. One of these days, I’m planning to have a portable sewing machine. It would be my next project from my blog earnings after the laptop. Actually we do have a vintage sewing machine here in the house but sad to say I don’t know how to use it especially when it comes to hitting the pedals. That is why, I wanted something which I can only do it with just one push of my foot. Anyway, I’m still praying and saving for it. Hope to have my portable sewing machine in God’s perfect time.

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Fe said...

goodluck for your next project...

Denise said...

I hope you can get a sewing machine soon my friend.

Familia Caballero in Vietnam said...

hala ako pud! I want to have tis kind of sewing machine...remember, anak baya ug mananahi..hehehe

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