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It’s raining very hard today…. I chose not to go out of the house because of the heavy rain but I am reminded of my Professional. Education class at 5:30pm. I decided not to attend my class but I remembered that our teacher will give us an exam. Even though it’s very uneasy to go to school but I left with no choice but to go. While I was on my way to school, I keep on wishing at the back of mind.. “Oh, I hope we don’t have class today… I hope the teacher will not give us an exam, the things like that…” At the same time, as I was entering the school I saw many students coming out, but none of them were my classmates. I looked at the wall clock of the school and it’s already 5:45pm, and it then gave me the idea that the class is already starting. As I was approaching our classroom, I saw my classmates sitting outside. My heart jumped, not because of the exam but because of the assumption that we don’t have class. I asked my classmates… “Why are you here?” somebody answered “our teacher is on leave today, that means we don’ have class!” “, “Come again?” one classmate asked… “Yes, We DON’T HAVE CLASS” All my classmates were shouting and clapping hands like kids because of the news.
My ProfEd Class is a class for graduates who take up education units. Meaning to say, most of us enrolled in this class are already matured individuals. It’s very unusual to think that matured individuals like us, are still excited for a NO CLASS news.. There is this somebody who told me, “why did you enrolled in that class and yet you are hoping that you will have no class”… he..he.he.he ….. I don’t have any answer to that but I guess this is part of the life of being a student.
…I believe you can relate to this…


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