My Hubby’s First Dance

When it comes to dancing in front of the crowd, my husband would be the last person to do it. He refuses to dance because according to him he doesn’t know how to do it. I remembered the time during his college days where he would prefer to be given a failing grade in his P.E. class rather than dancing in front of his classmates. You can only see him dance in the bedroom, in the bathroom or any secret place where nobody can see him. If there’s one person that he will allow to witness his dance, then that would be me.

But during our church anniversary, all men are required to dance for that event. I was afraid he will refuse to join the dance. To my surprise… he said YES… This will be his first dance in front of the crowd. He joined the practices and he didn’t even bothered that his dance steps were not perfect. He even did not worry the church members who were watching and laughing because they really look funny with their dance steps.

(the person at the center with a long hair wearing a black watch is my hubby..)

During the anniversary, I did not see any anxious feelings on his face. He felt relaxed and excited. When their turn was called he started smiling until the dance ended. Many people loved their dance. His first dance was great because he did this not for men but for the glory of God. He may not be a good dancer, but I believe the Lord was pleased of that dance. Congrats to you my hubby!


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  1. Your husband is a good sport!

  2. it only proves na lahat gagawin niya para kay Lord!! your blessed to have a husband like him =)

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