Everytime I go out of the house, I couldn’t fail to hear my husband reminding me to bring an umbrella…. because of the the heat of the sun or the idea that it might rain. Sad thing is, I don’t bring any becuase the one we have is too big and heavy to bring along. I only tell him.. It’s okay, don’t worry it’s not too hot outside“.. or sometimes “Don’t worry it will not rain today..” But, there are times that all my reckonings are wrong. That is why, last Sunday (Feb.16) my husband bought me a small folding-style umbrella. He wanted to buy the smallest one, but I refused because it’s so expensive.. I just go for the cheaper one. Now, that I have a new umbrella, I always make it sure that I have it on my bag because I don’t have any reason anymore of not bringing it…

Anyways… thinking how it is to be shielded from the heat of he sun, or from the rain, the umbrella reminded me of God’s tender loving care. I am reminded that God nevers fail to love me and protect me from all the things that might harm my way. God wanted to love us and protect us all the time, but sometimes we fail and forget to allow Him to do that in our lives. Same with forgetting to bring the umbrella … 🙂

This new umbrella of mine may not be too expensive, but it has significant meaning to me. Everytime I open it, I thank God for His love and protection in my life.


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  1. wow! who’s that girl???

    Abi ko ug si Kristine Hermosa!! 🙂

  2. Hi Bogie, I really like your reflection. By the way, is it ok with you if I am going to add your link to my link?

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