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In Love…

Almost everyone can relate to the feeling of being in love. There are a lot of stories about people who are in love and we feel happy about them. But I am not talking about myself here or other people either… (lol) I’m talking about our dog Chocolate. Yes, he’s in love to our female Labrador Retriever, Bubbles.
Just lately, Bubbles becomes attractive to male dogs (I guess you know what I mean), and that makes our entire male dogs go crazy about her….. that includes Chocolate. He always want to stick around with Bubbles and always go behind her, and what amazes us is that, it’s been two days already and he is not eating… he wants to give his share of food to Bubbles.(Ohhh.. what a gentleman!) So, what we did was, we have to let him get inside of the house and allow him to eat his food. (this would make him focus on his food) He’s angry when the other dogs would come near to Bubbles. I ask my hubby, “why is he like that?”…“what happen to him?” hubby said… “I think He’s in love!“(lol. Funny huh!)

I suppose not all love stories have happy ending….looks like true for Chocolate. He has to let go of his feelings, given that he is not fitted for a female Labrador. He is only 10 inches tall and Bubbles is about 22 inches tall. They were not really meant for each other. What breaks his heart more is, Bubbles is already engaged to our male Labrador Retriever, Beamer… (picture on the left)
Don’t worry Chocolate, we’ll help you find your true love! (lol)(The sad lover dog.. 🙂


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  1. This is so amusing, gie! joker!! so pity,chocolate uy! It’s okay chocolate, don’t worry..there are still so many fishes in the ocean..i mean dogs in the backyard diay!LOL!

  2. Thanks for dropping by at my blog for the first time. Your post about love is very interesting.I think love is a universal theme and it happens to every creature, even to puppies, zebras and elephants. I spent time in a zoo and watched how animals flirt w/ each other.

  3. Unsa ni, Love in the air tlga,no?Ok,ka rin Lalaine.Specially hottie si chocolate.

  4. Thank you so very much for your kind comment on my site and for visiting me today. How nice!

  5. Ah the life of the loving heart! That’s something else. Great story. Thanks.

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