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My mother in-law bought this milk which is so popular in their TV ad “helps fight osteoporosis”, she bought this milk not because she was convinced with their ad but it has a free Pedometer. The pedometer is already attached on the box of the milk and mom bought 3 boxes of it and gave one pedometer to me.

A pedometer is a step counter device that counts each step a person makes. It has now become popular since this is now used by many people as an everyday exerciser and motivator. A total of 10,000 steps per day (equivalent to 5 miles or 8 km) are recommended by some to be the benchmark for an active lifestyle, although this point is debated among experts.

As I was cleaning the house today, I remembered the pedometer mom gave me. So, I put it on my hips (as stated in the instruction given) and started walking and moving around the house, at the same time doing my cleaning stuff. As I was moving around the house, I realized that I haven’t done physical exercise for such a long time, and this made me more motivated to really pour out my energy … (naning kaau! lol) After a few minutes, I tried to check my pedometer and see how many steps I have completed. As I look at the pedometer I was really surprised… it has recorded only 8 steps.. Whaaaaat??? How come? What happened? … I asked my husband to check if there is any faulty on it…

After all the hard work today, I found out that the free pedometer is not working.


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  1. hi bogie, it’s ok if the pedometer was out of order… at least you get to exercise :)… they say we have to do some physical activity for at least 30 minutes per day to keep fit, so i guess, doing some household cleaning for half an hour won’t hurt — we get to clean the house and we exercise (hitting two birds with one stone:)

  2. hahaha! so funny..I mean you did all your best and it only registered 8 steps..joker!

  3. Lareine.. thanks for the encouragement..

    Lalaine.. yeah.. indeed very funny! (lol) joker..

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