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Where’s my shoe?

I asked my cousin yesterday to go with me to buy a new pair of shoes since the one I have is already damaged. We were so happy to see a lot of new styles and excited to fit every shoe that we find. There are many shoes that I like, but the sad thing is, it doesn’t look good on my feet, so I have to find another one. I tried many shoes, until I find the one that fits me. I like it cause it’s cheap, and very comfortable. So I went to the cashier and paid it.
After I left the cashier, I was wondering where my cousin could be. I was looking for her and I tried going back to the shoe area.. there she is… she was fitting another shoe. She was really so busy fitting. I told her that I will just sit down and wait for her to finish. I was just looking at her and she feel a bit pressured with my face waiting for her… so she approached me and asked me whether the shoe looks good on her. I said “Yes”.. you want to buy that?… she said “Yes“. But I told her it’s a little bit big for her size, so she asked the sales lady to look for a smaller size. While waiting for the sales lady, she was fitting another shoe and came to realize that she has lost the other pair of her shoe. “Where’s my shoe?, where’s my shoe“,…(nervous) she asked. Where did you left it? I said. We were roaming around the shoe area and were laughing to find out that her (old, dirty) shoe is already on display…. We’re glad nobody bothers to get it..(lol)


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  1. ate love, i guess kinsa nga cousin…he.he.he.he.

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