Meet my new cousin Zafina Anika. She was born last April 17, 2008. She was so cute… with thick black hair, thick eyebrows and long eyelashes.. Her face is round like her mom.

Today, she was really crying out loud becuase she couldn’t get more milk from her mom… her mom made no choice but gave her a bottle of milk. The bottle of milk pacifies her and causes her to fall into a deep sleep.

Meet the proud Kuya. His name is Z boy. He was very excited to see her baby sister. When we were in the hospital, I told him to pray that the nurse will allow us to take pictures of her baby sister. When we asked the nurse, she said yes. I told Z boy that God answered his prayer.. I was so amazed with his reply… he said.. Yes!..yes! God is Awesome!!! (with facial expression and a husky voice lol!)

While I was taking this picture, he always reminds me that this baby is her baby sister…. Really a proud kuya.. lol!


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  1. Wow! Please extend my congratulations to Mayette and the family…she’s very cute and Z is very hand…

  2. hi bogs, dri napd ko testing sa imo, hehehe…ayha pa diay namanghuran z boy? cute kaayo ang baby.

  3. beautiful baby girl and very think hair. her kuya is also very handsome. 🙂

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