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Time is so peculiar. When I’m chatting around with friends, working with something very important and rushing to a place for an appointment, it passes faster than I’d like. Just like this morning, I was rushing to finish my school project which is already long overdue, I started working on it at 10:00 am and I was hoping I will finish it before lunch. But to my surprise, I finished at 3:00pm.
When we are in the midst of pleasurable activities, we cannot notice how time passes, but when we are in the midst of trouble, sorrows, pains and problems how we wish time could pass to soon. Many people wished that it would be the end of the world. But I believe that these are the times, where God is doing something in our lives. He is molding and refining us to be the right person that He wants us to be.
During this time of pain and sorrows, it may seem difficult to see the goodness of God. We might feel we are abandoned, neglected, we are alone… just like the story of “Footprints in the Sand”, but it is during these moments that we are assured that God is in control of our time.
“God makes all things beautiful in His time..”


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