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This cute little pup happens to be our visitor last New Year’s Day. His name is Chewee, owned by my sister in law, who is also the owner of Chocolate. Chewee was their baby in the house. He never fails to greet his owners when they arrived home from work. He really brings joy to his owners, that is why he was well loved and cared for. Last Thursday, Chewee got sick. According to his owners, he was really very, very weak that he wasn’t in the mood for play. When they tried to check him if his okay, his mouth was already foaming. They rushed Chewee to the clinic and allowed him to stay overnight. Last Saturday (May 17, 2008), I got a text message from my sister in law that Chewee already died last Friday night. According to the doctor, it was a certain virus that caused his sickness. I was so sad, even though I am not the owner of this cute puppy…. As I was looking at this photo, I kinda missed Chewee…
Goodbye Chewee!


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  1. soo sad…huhuh!!

    He looked like a stuff toy raba o!

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