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I have to prepare snacks for our DVBS activity tomorrow, but I decided to do it tonight so that I will not be late for tomorrow’s activity. I planned to make a Happy Face Pizza, actually it’s a homemade pizza. All you have to do is to put pizza sauce, cheese, ham or hotdog on the bread, and put it in a toaster for a few minutes, that’s all. While I was preparing the pizza, putting some sauce, and cheese, I was amazed looking at the pizzas I’ve made. They were all smiling and they all looked happy (lol). I was then excited on what will be the kid’s reaction with these happy face pizzas. But not after I placed these happy face pizzas in the toaster. I was surprised! The pizzas were not smiling anymore. (lol) It seems they were tortured inside the oven toaster. They looked so sad and some looked angry.

The sad face pizza reminds me of our experiences in life. We tend to usually smile when things are going well. But when things aren’t favorable we tend to be sad. It also reminded me that God can allow us to have a happy face and a happy heart even if the situation is not good. All we need to do is let Him turn our sadness into joy. Same with these pizzas, I fixed there mouths in order for them to have a happy face and that the kids will be happy as they eat it.

Always wear a happy face! 🙂


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  1. hahaha!!nkakatawa ko…cute post…and cute pizzas

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