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Who’s the Real Cook?

I really love cooking but I am not that confident to cook compared to my husband. Two weeks ago I told my husband to cook Pancit (Fried Noodles) for our dinner. He refused because he was very tired. He told me to cook instead, with him giving the detailed instruction. I have cooked Pancit before but it was a very long time ago and I already forgot the whole procedure of doing it. So I started the cooking, asking my husband on the next steps to be done. To make the long story short, I was able to cook a delicious pancit that day… according to my husband it was yummy.. (lol!)

My mother in law came home and asked, “Oh, did you order Pancit today? My husband said,… “No, Bogie cooked it…” Mom then tasted it and said it was good. I was so happy that mom liked my cooking. She even asked me to cook another Pancit for her friends on Saturday.

Saturday came. I was busy preparing for our DVBS, but I promised to cook Pancit for mom because her friends will be coming in the house. So I asked my husband to cook it. I just prepared the ingredients, slicing, peeling and etc. but my husband really made the whole cooking without mom’s knowledge. While mom was out in the house, we really prepared the house for her visitors. We were not anymore in the house when mom’s friends came.

When we arrived home, mom told us that the Pancit was really very delicious. Her friends really liked it and thought that it was ordered from a restaurant. But mom told her friends that it was prepared by her daughter-in law. My husband made a funny look at me while mom is telling us the story behind the Pancit. I could see from his face that he was trying to tell me that he’s the one who cooked it, but he just kept silent. I gave him a big grin.

When we are about to sleep at night, my husband couldn’t sleep. Just to tease me, he was jokingly grumbling about who gets the merit of that delicious Pancit (lol). To pacify my husband, I told him that I will tell mom tomorrow who really cooked it. He was laughing out loud and told me to forget about it, and just think of it as a combined effort. Who’s the real cook? Both of us! (lol).


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  1. hmmm,…mouth watering pancit…. visiting you here..hope to see you around

  2. tsk..tsk.tsk..gilaway ko gie!!!!

    patilaw dayn ko sa imo pancit ha?

    BY the way, ako grab ang pic sa balulng..ako butang new post sa ako travel blog..

    God bless!

    te Love

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