Crappy Broadband Services

We were very disappointed with our broadband connection that we decided to terminate it. They could not really fix the problem on why the connection slowed down. We always try to call their costumer service assistants but all we can hear is the same procedure over and over again and they really did not help us at all. What’s worse is that, they don’t give adjustment fees during those times that the connection was very slow. That is why we decided to file for a termination of the connection last March.

We thought our problem with that broadband provider is already over. It wasn’t! They still charged us broadband fees from March until April. So my husband called their customer service again. The customer service assistant told us to wait for another bill next month for the adjustment of fees.

We received the bill last Wednesday. I thought there were no charges anymore, but I was wrong. They still charged us half of the monthly charges. What’s wrong with this broadband provider? It was stated in our bill that it was terminated last March but what we don’t understand is why they keep on charging us until now? Last night, I wanted to email their customer service but I was led to other sites where there are a lot of comments of dissatisfaction from people who subscribes to this broadband provider. Most of these people were already fed up and some transferred to another broadband provider. Most of them stated on their posts that this is indeed a crappy broadband provider. I too probably agree to their comments and reactions.

Tomorrow, I will be visiting their local office to inquire of the charges. I hope they can give me a clear explanation on this matter. As of now, I am using a dial-up service. I just have to be contented with this as of this moment. So far, so good… 🙂


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