Did you wash your hands?

I am very particular when it comes to hand washing. In school we always remind our students to wash their hands before they eat their snacks or after they went to the toilet. Even at home I usually remind my husband to wash his hands after he goes out of the toilet, coz you know men urinates differently with women (you know what I mean)… I always ask him “did you wash your hands?… and this makes him annoyed of my reminder. (lol!) He just answered me… “Of course…”

Today, I heard a motorcycle stopped at our front gate. I looked at the window and I saw it was the postman. I was expecting him to knock, but he just stepped out of the bike and walked a few steps to the corner and leaked. Here in the Philippines, a lot of men just pee anywhere and their best locations are on posts. After he is done with his business in the post, he knocked and called… there’s a mail for mom. At the back of my mind, I was asking the question, “Mr. Postman, did you wash your hands?… the answer to that question was obviously no.. But here he comes asking me to receive the letter. As I opened the gate, he was holding the mail and he was also holding a pen and a paper for me to sign. Eewww… I don’t want to hold the pen, but I had no choice. After receiving the mail, I hurriedly went inside the house and wash my hands… thoroughly. (lol!)


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  1. nakakatawa ko ani na post…ma imagine lng nako imo dagway sa pg istorya ani ba..hehehe!! joker!

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