Little Mermaid, Mermaid, Thailand

Mermaid in Thailand

A mermaid is a mythical sea creature having the head and upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish. It is also one of the most popular figures in world folklore. Her characteristic appearance is a young girl, with long hair and a fish tail, carrying a comb and a mirror. Disney even had its animated film entitled “The Little Mermaid”. It’s a story about a young mermaid named Ariel, willing to give up her life in the sea and her identity as a mermaid to gain a human soul and the love of a human prince. Here in the Philippines, the pinoy version mermaid is “Dyesebel”. One TV network here in the Philippines is now airing a TV soap entitled “Dyesebel” where most Filipinos enjoy watching especially young children. When I went to Thailand I wasn’t expecting that I could see a mermaid there.

I saw a mermaid statue at Samila Beach, the famous beach of Songkhla South Thailand. The mermaid is one of the tourist attractions of this beach and also serves as a landmark. Posing with the mermaid is what tourists do when they visit the beach. We were not able to have a long pose with the mermaid because of the many people who also wanted to take photos of it.

Thanks to our ever hospitable hosts for this trip, Jesu and Lalaine. I truly enjoyed my stay in your place… 🙂


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  1. it’s wonderful to know you’ve met lalaine in thailand… i’m sure you all had a great time…

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