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About a year ago, my mom was diagnosed to have high blood pressure. She always complains about getting headache and sometimes dizzy. That is why we decided to consult a doctor. Her doctor advised her to confine herself in the hospital for at least 3 to 4 days because her blood pressure is too high and needs to be monitored.
Mom was hesitant to be hospitalized because she don’t want to be absent from her work and at the same time she don’t want to spend a lot of money in the hospital. Her resources are limited. But we had no choice but to follow the doctor’s instructions. We know it’s for her own good.
After the days of confinement in the hospital, it’s time to pay our bills. Paying the bills was Mom’s greatest fear because her money might not be enough. However, we are very thankful that God provided for us through her Insurance. We were not able to pay a single centavo in the hospital.

Getting an insurance is a practical way of protecting your income. Most of the time we do not set aside and save money for hospitalization or sickness. This time, my Mom is more cautious these days with regards to her health. Not only that, mom is saving some money for the rainy days. 

It is time to make the preparation now… time to protect your income.


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  1. yeah! that’s true! I do have one–Life Insurance..but I can’t have it unless I will die…hahahah..hayahay ang nabilin…jokz!

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