Sleeping Beauty

I’m a bit of a late sleeper these days. Most of the time, I can go to bed at around 2 AM. Just like today, it’s already 1:45 AM and I am still awake. This has become my sleeping schedule for the past weeks.

Last Saturday, my husband told me to sleep early because we’ll be going to church the following day. Despite his reminder, I still slept at 2 AM. Hubby said “I don’t think you can wake up early tomorrow.” I answered him jokingly “Well, tomorrow I’m gonna be like Sleeping Beauty, I need to be kissed by a prince for me to wake up from a deep sleep.” My husband just smiled.

Sunday morning came, I woke up and looked at the watch… it was 7 AM. It was still early and I went back to sleep and never noticed that I had fallen back into a deep sleep. After awhile, I felt my husband tapping me at the back and asking me to get up. I heard him telling me the time, but still I can’t open my eyes. I just ignored him and continued sleeping. He continued tapping and tickling me just to make me awake, but I just told him I’m still very sleepy. To my surprise, my husband kissed me and told me “Hey, Sleeping Beauty wake up! I immediately opened my eyes and told him, “Oh, you really did what I told you last night. I was then laughing at him. Hubby just gave me a funny face. (LOL!)


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  1. wow gie. he’s so sweet. feeling kilig ko diri when i read this post.

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