New Sleeping Pattern

My hubby is back to work now, that means we have to sleep early at night. We have to sleep not later than 11:00 o’clock in the evening. This is very early for both of us because we usually sleep at 2:00 o’ clock in the morning. Sleeping early cancels all the things I enjoyed doing at night. We can’t stay anymore for long hours at night in the computer… that includes my blog life (lol!) We can’t anymore watch the late night news on TV, and we can’t have midnight snacks and talk a lot of nonsense at night. Sleeping early means we have to wake up early. It’s really a miracle for me, because I am now waking up at around 6:00 o’clock in the morning.

But here’s the good news… waking up early in the morning makes me really productive. I can cook for my husband and do some house chores, and at the same time grabbing some opps online. Also, there is an exception to that rule. We can sleep late on Fridays, because there is no work the following day. That is why I am still up tonight. (lol!) I hope I can adjust well with my new sleeping pattern.


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