My Firsts…

I’ve been tagged by my cousin Dharlz. Thanks for this tag.


1. First piercing – Ears (28 years ago. . .)
2. First best friend – Michelle
3. First award – 3rd Place
Cagayan de Oro Water District Essay Writing Contest (Medal and Cash)
4. First crush – can’t remember…he.he.he..
5. First pet – No name, but it’s a cat
6. First big vacation – at Thailand
7. Eating – Apple
8. Drinking – water
9. I’m about to – post this tag… and post another paid review.. (lol!)
10. Listening to – my blog’s music
11. Plans for today – go to LKKS to pay bills.
12. Waiting for – nothing…
13. Want kid/s – yup..yup.yup… ahahahhahaha (in God’s time)
14. Want to get married – I’m married already!
15. Careers in mind – am an educator… and forever I shall be…

I’m tagging you all! God Bless!


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