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(Pinoy Idol Top 3)

I’ve just finished watching the grand finals of the show “Pinoy Idol” (Philippine’s version of American Idol). Actually, I am not an avid viewer of the show, but I just happened to watch it because my mother in law watches it every night given that one of the contestants named Ram Chaves is from Cagayan de Oro City. My Nanay (grandmother) also loves to watch this show because of Ram. (he.he.he.he. pang tingulang diay ni ang Pinoy Idol?) Both my mother in law and my Nanay voted for Ram Chaves. Sad to say he didn’t make it to be the Pinoy Idol. Even if he did not win, I would like to congratulate him for making it to the Top 3. Congrats to you Ram!It was Gretchen Espina (photo below) from Biliran who won as “Pinoy Idol”. She also deserves to win. Aside from her talent in singing, she’s also tall, sexy and beautiful. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!


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  1. I was hoping Ram to win the first Pinoy Idol though. hehe. rakrakan! 😀

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