Help for the Sales Lady

I was in the mall yesterday to buy something. I wasn’t in a hurry that day. I carefully select every item that I needed to buy. As I approached my way to the counter to pay, I saw two sales ladies at the corner. One is trying to tap the others back. I thought the sales lady was just trying to scratch her friend’s back. But I was wrong. The sales lady was helping her friend get some relief because her friend was not feeling well. As I looked at her friend’s face, it’s beginning to look pale. I got so nervous at that moment and told the sales lady to ask for help. The sales lady shouted “Help! Help! Help! Then her co-workers came and look at their friend who is now pallid and so weak. Because I was so nervous and I wanted to help, I told the sales lady to please get her friend and bring her to the nearest hospital. Good thing, there were lots of nice gentlemen who came and carried the lady out of the mall. I really wanted to help that lady but I am not a medical person. All I did was I uttered a prayer to God to help that lady. How I wish I am a doctor that day, but God reminded me that my prayer was the greatest help I can give to that suffering sales lady. I just hope that the lady is now okay.


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