A Child’s Heart

I was making fun of my friend’s daughter today. She’s already eight years old and she’s now in grade 3. She’s a smart girl and could easily ride up to all the jokes I cracked. After all the funny talks we had, I asked her one serious question. I told her, your mom told me that you we’re crying the other day… why? She said it’s a secret and she will not tell it to me because her mom might scold her. I told her not to be afraid because her mom already told me what happened. She then quickly told the story. She said she was so sad the other day because when he went home from school his father wasn’t there already. She also noticed that their front door was shattered. Her mom explained it to her what happened and she understand that her mom and dad had a fight that day. I asked her, “what did you do when you find out that something happened in your house?” .. I went inside my room and cried secretly. I really cried that day. Every time I remember my dad, I couldn’t help it but cried…

I was so touched with how she feels that day. I can feel her pain and I felt pity for her because at her young age, she already knew the feeling of how it is to be in pain. I just comforted her to always pray to God for her parents. She answered, “I’m always doing that every night and God answered my prayers. Today we even went to the mall and ate together, she added.

We can never really underestimate the heart of the child. Sometimes we thought they are too young to understand such big matters but the truth is, they can already understand when things are not going well.

To all the parents out there, before you burst out your emotions make it sure that your kids are not around. You may feel good expressing it, but you might end up hurting your child’s heart.


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