For Your Eyes Only!

When I was still a child, I always wonder why my great grandma always wears eyeglasses. When grandma is asleep, I would try to get her eyeglasses and wear it on. I noticed that the objects I saw become huge and a bit blurry. I love wearing it on and playing like a grown up, even if I got dizzy after using it. One day, grandma caught me wearing her eyeglasses and scolded me because those were prescription glasses and might cause damage to my eyes. She always reminds me that those glasses are for her eyes only. Aside from that, she scolded me because I might break it given the fact that eyeglasses are expensive.

But there are now quality and cheap eyeglasses available online at ZenniOptical.com. It has huge selection of different kinds of eyeglasses with different frames and lenses. You can choose the eyeglasses of your choice ranging from the price of $8. Because of their inexpensive eyeglasses they get featured at Chicago Tribune.

It’s really a good thing to know that you can still buy cheap yet quality eyeglasses for yourself and for your love ones. If grandma would still be alive today, a pair of eyeglasses would be my gift for her on Christmas. On the gift, I would place a card and label it “For your eyes only!”


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