Paypal Restricted Account

It could happen to you!

Last November 9, I received an email from Paypal with this subject: Notification of Limited Account Access. I was so curious about the mail and as I read through it, I found out that Paypal has restricted my account. They said this is for security reasons. Whaaaat???? I got panicked! So, I called up my cousin who is also into blogging and asked if she had encountered problems like this, but she never did. What I did was, I googled about this matter and found out a lot of sites stating this kind of problem. I was even more worried because their stories were never encouraging, in fact it was horrifying (LOL!) The most frightening story was that, Paypal got all their money. Oh no! I was really very anxious how to fix the problem.

As I log in to my account, I thank God that all my money was there. But the problem was, I couldn’t withdraw, transfer or do any transaction other than receiving money in my account. To fix the problem, they required me to submit my latest Credit Card Statement and Utility Bill which serves as my proof of address. I sent them my CC Statement, but the problem was I don’t have a Utility Bill. They sent me another email with this subject: Request for Additional Information and required me to submit a Bank Statement or a Utility Bill. I have problems with the Bank Statement because I was using my husband’s bank account. Added to that is I can’t provide them with a utility bill. I just sent them a document that shows my address, hoping they will consider it. I was really getting helpless and decided to give up.

I asked God to help me fix this problem. I was really getting hopeless because I can’t provide the documents they require. I told God, Lord all I am holding on today is that, nothing is too difficult for you to do, and I believe that you can solve this very little problem of mine. True enough, this morning I received an email from Paypal with this subject: Your Paypal Account has been Restored. I was so happy that God answered my prayer. I was so happy that Paypal didn’t give me a hard time solving this problem. Without much delay, I immediately withdraw all my money. (LOL!) I’m tempted to go shopping now!!!


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  1. hi bogie,

    congratulations on your new domain!

  2. got that notification too…it’s okay though…i just follow the instructions…

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