I guess the hardest part in life is to wait. Sometimes we get so impatient in waiting. Lately I had so many things to wait for and sometimes I got annoyed of waiting. What makes me annoyed it’s becuase I don’t know if these problems are going to be fixed.
1. I have to wait for our broadband connection to be fixed. The technician went to the house twice already, but it seems that they couldn’t fix the problem. They promised to come back today… I hope that they will really come back and fix the problem. This has been the reason why I wasn’t into blogging for few days. Good thing there’s an internet cafe near the house, but it’s too noisy coz a lot of kids playing online games… the bad words uttered by these kids makes me more irritated.
2. I have to wait for my domain problem to be fixed. I really don’t know what to do about this but I hoping for an email from Goggle.
I may be annoyed or irritated of waiting now, but I think the Lord teaches me to be patient these days. All I can do for now is to wait….


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