Dog Lovers

I would say that our family are dog lovers, especially my husband. We have five dogs, four of which are really big dogs (Labradors and Great Danes) and we have one cute dog that is close to a terrier breed. These dogs are part of our daily routine as if they were our kids and one of the most difficult task for them is to prepare their food. But the task seems so easy when you got to see the dogs innocent and funny faces. One of my favorite dogs is Chocolate,a mixed breed terrier you might have seen him on my previous posts. I loved him because his face looks so cute and funny and sometimes he acts like a little child asking you to play with him. I would love to have dogs like him.

One of the cute dogs that I also like are Yorkshire Terriers. These are cute dogs that are lively and gets along well with other pets in the house. Look at the photo, isn’t she cute? Her name is Isabella or Bella for short. I’m sure our Chocolate would be in love with this sweet little pup. I can’t wait to have one like Bella.


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