Gift Wrapping

One of the most favorite things I like to do during the holiday season is wrapping gifts. I like to give gifts that is uniquely and beautifully wrap. It’s good to see the smile on people’s faces when they receive the gifts. I can see their excitement and curiosity on what is inside on it. This Christmas, I see to it that all gifts are wrapped differently. Different in size, shape and color. Last night, I wrapped a very cute gift for my Christmas kringle and I’m so excited to give it to her today in our party. The sad thing was I forgot to bring the gift. Until now, I’m still staring at the gift and thinking how to give it to her since I don’t know where she lives. Anyways, it’s really good to make our gifts presentable and pleasing but it’s not good to forget gifts.. LOL! just like what I did today.


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  1. oi, sa kadaghan gifts siguro mao nalimtan, hehehe…

  2. I wish that I’d had known that…I would have shipped mine to you to wrap and then ship back. With all that has gone on this Christmas season…the one thing that I normally enjoy has brought me lots of stress. I finally finished wrapping today…over 3 hours bent over…wrapping, taping, labeling and bow tying. Thank goodness…I am done!

    Thank you for your prayers for my mom.

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