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Thank you Cookie my sister in law, whom I consider to be my real sister. Thanks for making me beautiful. I really can’t help but laughing at loud looking at myself with this looks. Anyways, I like it very much. I was shocked to see my self wearing boots… Wow! ha.ha.ha. I liked the hair too! I showed to this to my husband and he was laughing too.

My Beautiful Sissy by kukai


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  1. Hi bogs!

    gikalingawan teka, haha! grabe akong virtual shopping for you… i was thinking of anne hathaway’s style sa the devil wears Prada. pwede na nimo sya ma dethrone, hehehe…
    sa hair diay ko nadugay 😀 Sosyal kaayo ang dating ba? hahaha

  2. hi bogs!!! you look spectacular!!! if only we had snow! and is that your real hair?! am so envious hehehehe!!! i went to cookie’s polyvore page and commented there… it’s truly fun! glad you and your hubby are having great fun looking at this. happy new year!!!

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