Organizing a Christmas Caroling Activity

Tomorrow will be the start of Christmas caroling here in the Philippines. I suppose there will be a lot of people especially the kids are now preparing for this activity. For those of you who have not yet planned or prepared for this activity here’s my suggestion on organizing this kind of activity.

  • Invite friends who really enjoy singing. These are friends who are really gifted in singing.
  • Invite friends who are not gifted in singing but are courageous enough to sing. (LOL!) Just make sure they don’t overpower the voices of those who are “on key”.
  • Tell your friends to get the right look. Here in the Philippines, the most common is to wear colorful outfits. You can ask your friends to wear something red, yellow or green.
  • Don’t forget to bring a musical instrument. A guitar and a tambourine would be nice.
  • Provide song sheets for your friends. Not all of them can memorize the lyrics of the songs. Also make sure that you have the right lyrics to every song.
  • Don’t forget to bring flashlights and other stuff needed for emergencies.
  • Lastly, always be reminded for your safety. Especially if you are visiting places or neighborhood that you are not familiar with.

I guess that would be all. Have fun!


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