The Boogie Dance

by Bogie
I really don’t know where my Mom and Dad got my name, but I think it’s obviously from a dance called boogie or as it is also known as boogie-woogie. When I was still in grade school my mom would usually spell my name as B-O-O-G-I-E, similar to that of the dance. But I don’t want my name to be associated with the dance because almost all of my friends and classmates are making fun of me. That is why I changed the spelling.

Why am I posting this dance here in my blog? I am not a dancer and I can say that I am not really good at it. Just that, I found out that most of the people are directed to my site because they are searching for the Boogie Dance. I just want to give them a small idea of what the dance is all about.

Dance Description:
The name boogie-woogie is used mostly in Europe; the closest thing in the US is probably East Coast Swing. What today is called boogie-woogie would during the 1950s have been called rock’n’roll. The term boogie woogie is confusing; the dance can be danced to the music style called boogie-woogie but is most often danced to rock music of various kinds. The name was taken since the name rock’n’roll used in competition dance was already taken by a highly acrobatic dance form. Boogie woogie as a competition dance is a led dance, not choreographed, and contains no acrobatic elements.

The usual step variation of this dance is a six beat dance pattern, usually cued as “step, step, tri-ple step, tri-ple step”, with words “step” taking a whole beat and pieces “tri” and “ple” together taking one beat. Triple forms a syncopated step, where “ple” is typically somewhat delayed from being in the half way between the beats, which matches the syncopated music used in boogie-woogie has also counts like “one” “two” “one” “two” “three”. (source: Wikipedia encyclopedia)

You can also watch the video to get the exact dance steps. Enjoy dancing!

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