A Girl Scout…

I’m proud to say that I am a member of the Girl Scout of the Philippines. I was an active member when I was still in my grade school and high school days. As a girl scout, I have experienced attending into a lot of jamborees and summer camps where I was able to meet other girl scouts from different schools. The camps are held on different schools and other spacious venue where we can really do a lot of great exciting activities such as egg cooking, knot tying, and fire making contests. Sad to say, I already forgot the knot tying thing. One of the best activities that I like most was the treasure hunting game where we enjoyed roaming around the camp site and look for the stuff that is located on the map given to us.
The camp would be much more exciting if it’s really spacious and has nice facilities like at Camp Kresge. This place is an ideal site for camps and retreats because of the nice facilities they have. The venue has also a lake which is the center to the main living and activity area of the camp. This is great as this might also be a fun way to go around fishing. So If you want to consider having camps on this place, you might want to check out NY Summer Camp schedules to see if your preferred dates are still available.


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  1. seeing campers and scouts surely bring back nice childhood memories… hope you and your husband will have a wonderful year ahead:)

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