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China Officials Barred from Sexy Clothes

I was surprised to hear this kind of news that Chinese civil servants have been banned from wearing “sexy” clothes, while male counterparts will not be allowed to grow beards. For ladies they will have to refrain from wearing clothes that bare their backs or are deemed too sexy. Their male colleagues will not be allowed to grow beards, go bare-chested or wear inappropriate shirts. This is for the reason that China wanted to build up a more serious government image. The report said that if officials dress too casually, it will be inharmonious with the atmosphere and professionalism of a government department.

For me, wearing the appropriate clothes in the workplace or wherever you go is very much important. Wearing sexy clothes is never that bad but is should be worn in the right place and at the right time. It’s good that China has implemented this kind of policy in their government officials, its good for the employee as well as for the government. I just hope that the female officials will not be banned from wearing sexy lingerie. (ha.ha.ha.) Just a thought!


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