How to Open a PayPal Account?

I’ve been asked by this question for quite a few times already from my blogger friends because they want to consider monetizing their blog. Sad to say, I don’t know how to answer them because it was my husband who opened a PayPal account for me. I’ll just give them this answer, “You ask my hubby!” That is why today, I’m making this post so that it will be easy for me to answer them by just giving them this reply… “Just visit my blog!” he.he.he. So, here are the steps to open a PayPal account. (FYI: I asked my husband about this while making this post).

1. Be sure you have a Credit Card or a Debit card.
– If you don’t have a Credit Card, you can still opt to use a Debit Card. Here in the Philippines, the most convenient and effective Debit Card we’ve been using for 3 years now is the Unionbank EOn Visa Electron Card. Just make sure that your debit card has funds of at least 2 dollars to open an account for PayPal.

2. Visit

3. Click Sign up located below the log in button.

4. Sign up for a Premier Account. Why Premier? So you can have more access in receiving funds.
5. Fill up Information. Please fill up correctly as possible. Your PayPal account name should match to your bank account name. This is also to avoid future problems especially when Paypal tries to freeze your account, just like what they did with mine. Thank God it’s okay now.

6. After you are done, wait for PayPal’s email, RE: ACCOUNT VERIFICATION

7. To verify your account, you need a four digit code which is reflected on your credit card statement or bank account statement. Wait for 3-4 days for your transaction to reflect on your credit card or bank account statement. But here in the Philippines, you cannot have an access on your daily transactions of your credit card. The billing is made monthly. So, if you’re in a hurry, you may call your credit card’s customer service and ask for the 4digit code. Just like what my husband did. For Unionbank EON Account, you can also access your account online and check for the transaction that indicates PAYPAL ****EXPUSE. The asterisk indicates the 4 digits that you will use for verifying your PayPal account. Once you obtain the 4 digit code, log in to your account and enter the 4 digit code to verify your account. Once finish your account is now verified and is usable.

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  1. A Paypal account is so useful and I think it’s great that you’re sharing all this info. I didn’t how to to work it before and I had to rely on other bloggers to teach me as well.

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