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I Found Money!

After suffering from asthma, I decided to clean our room as it was totally messed up. I didn’t just clean the room but also arranged all the clothes in the closet. I put out all the clothes first and sort it one by one. After I’m done with my clothes, I also arranged all my hubby’s clothes. I also took all of his clothes out and viola!!! I found a crispy 500 hundred peso bill under my husband’s clothes. Sometimes we kept our money under our clothes but this time, I think my hubby forget about this bill. I happily told him that I found money under his clothes and he was asking if it was mine or his. I told him that it was his money, but since I’m the one who found it, it is now mine. LOL! My hubby just gave a simple smile and never bothered to argue about that money. Now I’m 500 pesos richer!


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  1. Don’t you just love those little surprised from God? I do!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Bogie!


  2. hhhahha..that is very awesome girl…ako din nung nag clean up ako when we moved here sa new place namin..I found 500 dollars sa was hidden on the top..the funny thing is…yung may ari ng pera is from the previous owners..since d namin sila kilala..we figured to keep the money…hehehe…I kept 100 and gave 400 to hubby..bayad ng bills..hheheh! apir tayo…:)oh d magshopping kana! hehehe

  3. To Jen: Yeah, God makes our lives more exciting through his day to day surprises…

    To Dhemz: Apir nga tayo!!! Maybe God allows these things to happen becuase he wants to bless us… Thank you Lord for the unexpected blessings!

  4. that is a good one…hahaha…blessing in disguise

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