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Saving for the Rainy Days

I’m not anymore talking about the rain that had happened here in our city. I’m talking about my coin bank and I’m so excited to open it because it’s almost full. Actually it was my hubby who is so diligent to put coins inside it everyday. I sometimes put coins on it when I have extra coins for the day, if none then no savings for the coin bank. We agreed to put all 5 peso and 10 peso coins, but I also put paper bills inside.
I remember before when we were not yet married, I always give my hubby a piggy bank and when it is full he will return it back to me and told me to buy something I want. I started to give him 3 small piggy banks (looks like the three little pigs) and after that a medium size blue plastic piggy bank and a big yellow piggy bank that can be opened through its snout. All these piggy banks were given back to me with full contents, except for the yellow one because it can easily be opened. It is understood that the saving is successful if the piggy bank was returned to me. (LOL!) Because the yellow piggy bank savings wasn’t successful, I decided to give him this time a coin bank that is made of can. One of the things I got from piggy bank savings was a washing machine; this was a savings from the blue piggy bank. I couldn’t remember what I bought with the three little pig’s savings. We’re planning on a better project this time and hope we have big savings this time just from this can coin bank.

This is the big yellow piggy bank 🙂

This is one of the three little pigs but I couldn’t find the other two.


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  1. Uy very nifty…love the piggys..grabi na ni nga sapi diay bogs..hehhe!

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