A Glimpse of Camiguin Island, Philippines

I can say that my visit to Camiguin yesterday was only very very short. Imagine, I was there for only two hours and the rest of my time was spent on the barge and on the bus. It was really a rush travel since we are catching up with big time people to sign up the documents. Thank God, hubby has accomplished his mission. The photos below doesn’t give you the exact beauty of the Island since I only had time to take pictures at the barge. ha.ha.ha.

Arriving Camiguin Island – I was wondering why the people are in a hurry to go down the barge that is why I stayed behind them but after that I was so shocked when all the porters are coming aggressively, but they were so courteous to say “Excuse Me”.

Leaving Camiguin Island – We were so blessed to have arrived at Binoni at about 3:30 pm when the barge is about to give a go signal. When the people saw us, they shouted “hurry up! hurry up! If you missed that barge, you will have to wait by 6:00 pm for the last trip. Thank God we made it.

Approaching Balingoan – I don’t know what’s the name of this island near Balingoan, but a lot of people visit this place just for an outdoor activity. When you’re in the barge and got to see this island that means you are already near Balingoan.

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