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At Camiguin Provincial Capitol

We’re here now at Camiguin Island and as I have said it’s not a trip that everyone is excited about. We’re here at the Provincial Capitol of Camiguin because hubby was tasked to present an important document to the Governor. While he was there at the Governor’s office doing his transactions I was a bit bored waiting for him. I was trying to entertain myself and try to roam around the Capitol. I saw a lady and asked here if there’s an internet cafe in the nearest vicinity. I was so surprised that she offered me her computer in the office. I was a bit hesitant but she insisted. I have no choice and use her computer but only less than a minute becuase I’m afraid what will other people in the office think of me.

I went out of her office and as I roamed around I was glad to find out that the Capitol has an internet cafe. Wow… this would mean that I will not be bored anymore. ha.ha.ha. So, that’s why I’m here in their internet cafe. Actually it doesn’t look like an internet cafe but it looks like an office and guess what, I look like an office worker here… he.he.he..
Anyway, hubby texted that they will go to the Provincial Engineer’s office now. So, I will just have to wait for him here. 🙂


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