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My friend asked me to teach her do blogging stuff. I was so happy to share to her about what I know and she was also excited to learn about everything. When we were about to choose a URL for her blog she was wondering why my blog’s URL hasn’t a blogspot on it. I told her that I bought a domain for my blog that is why it’s not anymore blogspot. From there, she also wanted to buy a domain for her blog even if she’s still new to blogging. I told her she can choose from different webhosting provider where she can decide which one fits her budget as well as her preference.

If you wanted to buy a new domain for your blog, Web Hosting Ratings can help you because they provide a list of the ten web host providers that gives blogger newbies complete information on all web hosting providers including their web hosting plans, discounts, promos and reviews. The list shows the different ratings of the different web host providers based on customer’s satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and technical support. Isn’t this a great help? Visit the site now and find a the best web hosting service that can help you in the future.


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