God Is Good

It’s so wonderful to praise our God by telling words about who He is. One of the most frequent words I utter to God is that He is good. Indeed he is good in every aspect of my life. God is good because he has filled my life with so much blessings that I sometimes felt like I am not worthy of it. God is good because of what He has done in our lives, he died on the cross for our sins and that is one good thing to thank God for.

The photo above is a wall décor intended to inspire and remind others about God. It’s good to have one of this at home. I have one which says, “God is my Rock”… I shall not be shaken. Whenever I see that wall décor, I am reminded that no problem can move me because God is my rock. The wall décor “God is good” is a wonderful thing to decorate in your room where you will always be reminded of God’s goodness. You can buy wall decors like this at greatisthelord.net. They have lots of stuff not just wall decors but also home decor, kid’s décor, musical inspiration and other spiritual and Religious Gifts.


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