I’m Learning Culinary Arts

The Department of Education has this program called Alternative Learning System (ALS) where it provides access to Education to majority of out of school youth. Good thing they also opened this program to a lot of interested individuals like me. This is free but I’ve paid the amount of P50.00 for the registration and another P50.00 for the stove that we will be using for the entire year. Other expenses would be for the ingredients of the food we will be cooking.
Yesterday was my first day of class. I was so excited and guess what, most of my classmates are older than me. They enrolled themselves in that class because they want to put up a business of their own. Wow! Sounds great! I guess I will also be doing that in the future. But as of now, I’m just happy to apply all my learning at home. Our first lesson was table napkin folding and table skirting. The table napkin folding was a bit easy but the table skirting was a bit tiring. It was so complicated that you will have to put your heart into it. Our lesson for the next meeting is flower arrangement. I guess I will not have a hard time learning this stuff since I have already learned this lesson in high school.

I’m loving this course and I hope I can learn a lot from this. So far so good… (LOL!)


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  1. wow culinary, i like to enroll too someday. i heard it is an expensive course. =) goodluck.i hope you’ll enjoy your schooling.


  2. Been planning to enroll in culinary arts but until now, it is still a plan:( How was it? Ok ba? Can you be my teacher instead? hihi.

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