My Blog Looks Messy

Whenever I got to use Mozilla Firefox my blog looks like it’s half loaded and it’s kinda messy. So, yesterday I did some revisions in my blog and I even placed the HTML code of the template again because it might be altered due to some codes required to place in my blog. After that I placed the links again from cbox codes, RSS feeds, my blogger friends links and etc…It took me more or less one hour to finish it. As you can see, you can’t see any difference because I really put all things back as it was. After the adjustments I’ve made, I checked my blog using Firefox and it was fine. I was happy to know that my blog is now okay.

Just tonight, I was surprised to find out that my blog looks messy again. Oh no? What shall I do? My blog has no problem when you try to use Explorer in viewing it. I guess I will have to go back to the process again. But maybe I can do it tomorrow coz, I’m very sleepy right now. So, to all my blogger friends out there, please bear with me for the mean time. Just use Explorer so you won’t have any problems reading my posts.

(PS: Please leave a note if it really looks messy using Firefox. I want to make sure coz, might be the problem is with my PC. Thanks !)


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  1. Bogs, thanks for beautifying “my place again.”

  2. Hi…your blog stays the same..it’s not messy..truth is i kinda like it because the lay-out is simple yet elegant.

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