New Internet Provider

Last Monday, I applied for a broadband internet connection at DICITECH a broadband company that is based here in Mindanao. My sister in law has been subscribing to this internet provider for a long time and she hasn’t got any problem with it. If there is, only minor problems but oftentimes the connection is good. One thing that I like with this internet provider is that you can directly report any complaints directly to their office. Unlike with my previous internet provider, complaints will be directed to a call center agent and it will then be forwarded to their business center and this makes the whole process more complicated and time consuming. I have paid all the installation fees already and I will just have to wait after 7 days for the installation to proceed. My hubby is already excited because he hasn’t been using the computer for a week now since there is no internet connection and he don’t want to use my internet access card either. Probably by Tuesday we will have a new broadband internet provider and I hope there will be no problem at this time.


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