One Year!

My blog will be one year old this coming February 14, 2009. I couldn’t forget my very first post which was about being new to blogging and then I followed a post about LOVE because it’s Valentine’s Day. From there, I have learned a lot including joining tags and memes, receiving awards and passing it to other blogger friends, getting familiar with XML and HTML codes, exlinks and blog hopping and a lot more. Six months after, I started monetizing my blog and was happy with the earnings I got from paid reviews. I can’t say that I have earned much from blogging because I only have one blog but I can say that everything was really an added blessing from the Lord. I’m also thankful for my cousin Lalaine who introduced me to blogging. We spend a lot of late night chats just to teach me everything about blogging and I’m thankful for her patience in teaching me. I’m also thankful for all my blogger friends who have been so supportive in giving encouragements, visiting me all the time and leaving some friendship messages on my Cbox. Your visits are truly appreciated.

Now that my blog is one year old, all I can hope for is to have a wonderful blogging experience in the years to come. God Bless my Blog!!! (ha.ha.ha.)


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