Open Parties

I watched the news this evening and was interested about the topic that said “Beware of Open Parties!” Open parties are organized by high school students, especially to those who belong to the well-off teens. Anyone can join the party as long as they can pay the registration fee. One parent made a very strong statement to all parents to be cautious about open parties that their children are joining into. His son, who happened to have had join one of these open parties went home with lots of lacerations and bruises on his body. She even added that these parties uphold teens to drink excessive liquors and prohibited drugs. The policemen made an investigation about this and they found a lot of liquor bottles used condoms in the area where the party is held.

I hope those teenagers out there would be very careful in choosing the company they want to be with. For the parents, I guess it would be better if we know where our teenagers are and knowing their interest and help them choose better friends.


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