Project Your Voice

There will come a time that you will be given the chance to speak in a crowd and the most important thing is that your listeners understand you. I got this tips from a magazine and thought this might help you in the future. This tips is from a speech and language therapist Jayne Comins.

Pronunciation – If your speech isn’t clear, it could be that your jaw is too tense. Practice saying “va va va va in different pitches to open your jaw.
Power – Your vocal cords depend on the air coming up from your lungs. Keep your posture relaxed and try to breathe from the abdomen, not the chest. A jutting chin keeps the larynx high, making yur voice breathy.
Projection – To make your voice louder, practice the popular playground taunt “nyeh-nyeh nyeh nyeh-nyhe.” This raise your tongue and opens spaces in the vocal tract that carry extra sound- think how load a baby can cry.
Pace – Worrying that you’re not keeping your listeners interested can make you speak too quickly. Learn to recognize this and relax.


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