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When I was still working in the University, there is this organization called “Circulo de Arte” (Artist’s Circle). It is a student club for all students interested in any kind of art. Most of the members of this club love painting in different kinds of medium and I would say they were all very talented. Their club’s activities were purely art exhibits in the campus and art workshops for adults and kids. The art workshops are usually conducted during summer where kids from different schools can join and participate in this exciting activity. The exhibits are done twice in a year where different artworks of different members are being displayed. They also had their fund raising activities to raise funds to buy art materials for the club. One of their unique fund raising activities was Henna Tattoo. During that time, Henna Tattoo was so popular among college students. It was popular because it isn’t permanent and students can have the image they want for a week and after that they can erase it. Since, my task is to monitor student club’s activities, I happened to visit them in their activity. The president of the club called me and asked me if I wanted to try the Henna Tattoo. I refused since it doesn’t look good for a University staff having tattoo. But the president insisted and I don’t like to refuse his kind offer. He made a tattoo ring on my thumb with an abstract design. It was so cool to look at and my friends thought it’s permanent. When I went to church on Sunday, I forgot that I had a tattoo ring and the teens in the church were smiling at me because their big sister is trying to be cool.

Anyway, if you’re an artist and loves tattoo you can visit Tattoo Chat Room where you can have the opportunity to meet Tattoo users from around the world. This website is free and is intended for you so that you can find friends whom you can share your interest.


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