Wedding Rings

The Exchange of Rings

The exchange of rings was the most unforgettable part that happened on my wedding. It was indeed a very emotional scene where we exchange vows and at the same time exchange rings. I was so touched when my hubby whole heartedly said his part … “I take you Bogie as my wife, with the guidance of our Heavenly Father. I promise to love, to cherish you and have faith in our journey together… Bogie, you are so special to me, for the past 10 years, you have been the most important person in my life and I thanked God so much coz, finally I have you as my wife.” We were both emotional that day including the people who witnessed our wedding.

I’m sure there will be a lot of couple who wants to get married this coming February, the Love Month. Before planning everything, be sure you have planned where to purchase your rings. The wedding ring is said to be a symbol of our endless love for our partners and we will be using it forever. In this case, we need to buy a ring that will truly last. When we first consider buying a wedding ring, we opt for a ring that will rightly suit our budget, and thank God we had selected the best affordable ring. You can check out excellent quality wedding rings online or at your local jewelry shops. When you inquire about it you will be guided as to what ring suits your budget and preference.


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